Index of Appliances & Utensils Need To Make Thai Food

This is an index of our recommended appliances and utensils for making the best homemade Thai food!

  1. Wok: The wok is an essential appliance for any Asian cuisine. They are used to steam, stir-fry, or even deep-fry. Woks come in either stainless steel or cast iron. They have steep sides in order to cook the food quickly. There are different styles for gas and electric stoves.
  1. Pressure cooker: Pressure cookers use steam pressure to cook meats and vegetables quickly. Make sure you read plenty of pressure cooker reviews before buying as there is big difference in quality and safety between models.  They are handy for pre-cooking any of the meats that are used in Thai cooking, such as chicken, pork, and beef.
  1. Rice Cooker: Rice cookers can cook the fragrant Thai rice without burning or sticking. They also will keep the rice warm for hours. This is convenient for busy families.
  1. Bamboo Steamer: Many of the types of vegetables used in Thai cooking are steamed. Bamboo steamers fit right in a wok and will quickly steam vegetables, fish, or desserts.
  1. Knives and cutting boards: Quality knives are essential for any food preparation. Thai cooking requires durable paring and serrated knives. It is also necessary to have quality cutting boards. There should be a separate one for meats and one for vegetables and other foods.
  1. Pestle and Mortar: This ancient grinding tool can be made of stone or ceramic. It is ideal for crushing spices and nuts. A good substitute for a pestle and mortar is a food processor.
  1. Stirring utensils: Most Asian markets sell long-handled wooden spoons that are made especially for cooking in a wok. There are also bamboo shovels available. These spoon-like utensils are good for stir-frying delicate rice noodles. For woks with a non-stick coating, a rubber spatula is recommended to avoid scratching the special surface.
  2.  Rice Pot: This is a stainless-steel pot with a tight-fitting lid. It is used for gently steaming rice. If the rice is going to sit for a while, then the rice should be made in a rice cooker.