Does My Fast Food Delivery Car Driver Need Special Insurance?

Delivery drivers are technically employed by the restaurant that they work for, but it is usually the driver’s responsibility to maintain their vehicle. Driver insurance is very similar. It is the delivery driver’s responsibility to make sure that their vehicle has adequate coverage.

The language of the policy will determine whether or not the driver is covered under his current policy. Most policies are set up to only cover the driver for personal use. The language of the policy may cover commercial use as well. Insurance companies usually have separate policies for those that use their vehicle for business purposes. This doesn’t only apply to those that deliver food for a living. Insurers naturally expect their customers to drive to work. Uber drivers, pizza delivery drivers and those that do drugstore deliveries will need to get a more comprehensive policy.

Some delivery drivers choose not to get additional insurance. This is because the monthly premiums are very likely to increase. This is a bad idea because accidents are more common when a vehicle is used as part of a job. Insurers know that those who deliver food for a living are more likely to get into a car accident. This is because their vehicles are being driven more. Insurers increase the premiums to account for the fact that the car is more likely to get into an accident. Insurers will, in turn, deny claims on accidents that are not covered by the driver’s policy.

Insurance is, of course, a business just like any other. Your delivery driver may want to contact other insurance companies and get a quote. Larger insurance companies can often drive down costs because their actuaries figure out ways to classify risk. An excellent driver with a clean driving record will likely get an affordable insurance quote.