Does My Fast Food Delivery Car Driver Need Special Insurance?

Delivery drivers are technically employed by the restaurant that they work for, but it is usually the driver’s responsibility to maintain their vehicle. Driver insurance is very similar. It is the delivery driver’s responsibility to make sure that their vehicle has adequate coverage.

The language of the policy will determine whether or not the driver is covered under his current policy. Most policies are set up to only cover the driver for personal use. The language of the policy may cover commercial use as well. Insurance companies usually have separate policies for those that use their vehicle for business purposes. This doesn’t only apply to those that deliver food for a living. Insurers naturally expect their customers to drive to work. Uber drivers, pizza delivery drivers and those that do drugstore deliveries will need to get a more comprehensive policy.

Some delivery drivers choose not to get additional insurance. This is because the monthly premiums are very likely to increase. This is a bad idea because accidents are more common when a vehicle is used as part of a job. Insurers know that those who deliver food for a living are more likely to get into a car accident. This is because their vehicles are being driven more. Insurers increase the premiums to account for the fact that the car is more likely to get into an accident. Insurers will, in turn, deny claims on accidents that are not covered by the driver’s policy.

Insurance is, of course, a business just like any other. Your delivery driver may want to contact other insurance companies and get a quote. Larger insurance companies can often drive down costs because their actuaries figure out ways to classify risk. An excellent driver with a clean driving record will likely get an affordable insurance quote.

Thai Food Benefits

img03There are many things to consider why Thai food can benefit our health. It looks like its time for you to skip those heavy fried chicken and spring rolls and scrap those prawn crackers too because it is time for you to experience the home cooked Thai menus.

There are tons of ingredients that are a must try when you are doing Thai cooking which is helpful to our health since one of the typical Thai dishes is the Yum Soup that based on scientific research, it has amazing health advantages.

However, frozen meals and ready-made are common to the Western culture, but in Thailand, you cannot usually find those, there since meals are really made naturally using fresh products.  There are a lot of herbs and spices which are included in Thai and Asian cooking ingredients because it is believed that it can battle against potential diseases plus increasing major elements in the immune system.

The famous Thai food stems are widely from the difference and concentration of the flavors, although it is considered several of the healthiest cooking because of the elements of the ingredients applied and procedures of cooking. Here are the following aspects why a Thai meal should be added to your staying healthy list.

  • 605_-phad-prik-phawlargeEngaging in Wok cooking in Thai food can swiftly cook on a high level of Moreover, it remains a superb goodness when it comes to flavoring. It contains a very small amount of oil used when cooking a Thai stir-fried meal because if there is only little oil applied to the wok from the start then adding broth should be included since it assures that the dish will not dry.
  • Applying vegetables are one of the common cooking applications of most Thai curries since it consists of fresh vegetables which serve as the major ingredient. Adding vegetables can be considered as a side dish which is best if you are aiming to succeed on your diet.
  • Containing low sugar and salt, this is what most Thai chefs usually do in their dishes since they prefer using natural sweetness like palm sugar which consists of having a lesser GI compared to the refined sugars plus it gives off an intimate taste. Thai chefs never use common salt because they believe that saltiness is aimed through the pouring in the additional fish sauce which is completed with protein, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Thai cuisines prefer less hidden fats because they do not make too much application of dairy products for the dishes to achieve lower and less visible fats from the ingredients such as butter and cream.

How about the heavy fried dishes?

For newbies in Thai restaurants, there is a list of restaurants (read our reviews) wherein the western culture is often dominated through deep fried cooking although the locals do not intend to eat such food on their own since it would utilize them with the servings which sustain digestion and enlighten the capacity. Having a Thai meal should always maintain a sense of balance with regards to both flavor and texture. If you want to stay with the western way of buying distinct courses even if you have this urge of eating healthily, then you can select soup for a beginner’s guide as your primary course. According to preliminary studies in Thailand and Japan, they have detected that Tom Yam soup may cause a tumor growth which is prone to cancer.

How about natural healing?

There are a lot of ingredients wherein Thai cuisine typically use due to health advantages. Below are a few examples.

  • Chilies are one of the spices that contain the best source of Vitamins A and C, plus they even enhance the immune system to boost the congestion and eliminate sinuses. Based on research, it changes pain into a relief ability.
  • Lemongrass is another excellent source of iron and potassium since it is stated that it battles against stomach issues and eliminates common colds.
  • A Coriander is a good source when it comes to dietary fiber and a complete force of vitamins and minerals.
  • Galangal serves as a digestion aid which is used by the Chinese for their herbal medicine.
  • The Kaffir Lime advocates the gum which is best for digestion.
  • For garlic, it is considered as an antioxidant which also helps in digestion. Based on studies, it pursues the impact of blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Lime is known to be a benefit of gaining potassium and vitamin C.

plate_chickensatay-ashx1Several of the best experiences if you happen to stay in Thailand are the numerous amount of dining places and less expensive eat outs if you compare it to the Western. Thailand is considered to be one of the main sources of agricultural stocks such as grains, meat, and vegetables which are produced at a logical price. Aside from that, aquatic and marine animals are also on point since they can easily obtain from the sea along with the rivers. These aspects are what made the locals and tourists rejoice in paradise, especially to food lovers like you.

Be sure to look for a good number including different eating places since you can gain much more experience than you have ever imagined. This is one of the many reasons on why Western visitors mentioned that eating Thai food is one of the best simply because it is mouth watering and budget friendly. Don’t forget, they are Instagrammable too!

More on the Thai Food

What makes the Thai cuisine unique is the mixture of four different flavorings such as salty, sweet, sour and hot. A lot of dishes can not even define its taste which contains plenty of garlic, chilies and fresh herbs. Not only that Thai food can melt your taste buds away but it is also healthy because of lesser fat and nutritious elements due to its herbal ingredients.

Moreover, Thai food can be separated into four groups based on its region which are central, northern, northeastern and southern.

Basically, when eating Thai food, it is labeled as a communal matter merged by two or more people sharing a variety of dishes which is best for the number of dishes being shared. Experiencing with these dishes together lets you feel the moment of pleasant flavors of the entire meal. Make sure to try out hot Thai food, especially if you are a newbie or else you will never get to enjoy the experience while you are on your first time.